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We are proud to offer a well rounded education that’s power resides in providing you with the best understanding of not only canine behavior and learning but also the complicated ins and outs of operating a business. It is our goal that each and every one of our courses will provide you with what you need to reach each new level in your dog training career. If you are interested in becoming a dog trainer and truly loving your job then we are excited to welcome you as a possible student of our school! Within the various fields of canine ethology there is always room for a dog trainer. You will become what your community needs in a dog trainer. An educated professional who is prepared to do everything you can to help your clients help their dogs be happy members of society. Apply now!

A rare opportunity to break
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Comprehensive Education

You will have access to the most up to date science in the world of canine psychology.

Our teachers and mentors have decades of combined experience between them and a wealth of knowledge to share. Not only will you be taught top of the line training techniques and all the information that will help you truly understand the dogs you will be working with, you will also be taught the business behind the scenes. WooF Dogs Training School will prepare you for your future as a successful professional dog trainer and business owner.

Become a
Certified Dog Trainer

WooF Dogs Trainer’s School is the only dog training school in the United States who will help you graduate as a certified Dog Trainer with a strong combination of classroom lectures, hands on learning and continued support from a company of knowledgeable professional Dog Trainers to help you become the well educated and successful Dog Trainer you want to be!

A 6 months course for $5,579.00

Be successful and make money doing what you love!

When you finish our basic obedience course you will be prepared with all the knowledge you need to not only help your clients, but also to build your successful business and maintain your newfound career into the future.

To apply for our financial program, contact us now.

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Become a certifiedDog Trainer

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